Union X City
city stack

Union X City’s Blockchain City Stack is the foundation of our smart urban ecosystem, seamlessly integrating decentralized technologies to create a secure and innovative environment. It empowers residents and fosters community-driven development, shaping the future of urban living.

Tech & Depin

Startup Incubator Hub

A hub for fostering innovation and supporting new startups with resources and mentorship.

Smart Convention Centre

A venue equipped with cutting-edge technology for hosting events, conferences, and conventions.

Decentralized Wireless

Providing city-wide decentralized wireless internet access (WiFi, 5G).

Decentralized Energy Grids

Implementing sustainable and decentralized energy solutions.

Smart & Decentralized Transportation

Integrating smart transportation systems for efficient mobility.Integrating smart transportation systems for efficient mobility.

Blockchain Wearables

Wearable technology powered by blockchain for secure and seamless connectivity.


Wallet Infrastructure

Secure digital wallets for managing cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

City Coin

A native cryptocurrency for transactions within the city.

On-Off Ramp

Facilitating the conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

B2C Payment Gateway

Enabling businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments directly.

P2P Payments

Peer-to-peer payment systems for secure and instant transactions.

Socitety & Culture


Advanced educational institutions and platforms for lifelong learning.

NFT Art Gallery

Local attractions like an NFT art gallery showcasing digital art.

Tourism Attractions

Recreational facilities for hiking, biking, and swimming.

Healthcare Records Onchain

Secure and accessible healthcare records stored on the blockchain.

Conventions & Festivals

Regular events and festivals to foster community engagement.

Gov & DID

City Passport / DID

Digital identity solutions for residents and visitors.

Voting Infrastructure

Secure and transparent voting systems for city governance.


Decentralized Storage

Secure and decentralized data storage solutions.

Supply Chain / Logistics Onchain

Blockchain-based supply chain and logistics management.

Onchain Hospitality Membership

Blockchain-enabled hospitality services and memberships.

Union X City

Union X City Passport NFTs grant holders the authority to shape city designs and operations through on-chain governance. Citizens can vote on existing proposals or introduce their own, influencing aspects from naming to design to access rights, all while championing community-driven urban development.

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Conference Access
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